My 5 minutes of fame? March 22 2016, 0 Comments

A journalist friend of mine asked if would have a chat with one of her colleagues about working with my Mum. I was delighted to as it has more positives than negative for me (and hopefully Mum feels the same). 

Here is the article: What do you think? 

Ebay blog: Three-Mothers-and-Daughters-Who-Turned-a-Passion-Into-a-Business

Alpaca Fur, It's OK. January 21 2016, 0 Comments

As we launched a new Facebook competition this week giving away an Alpaca Fur Neck Wrap, I feel it is only right to talk about where the fur comes from.

There are approx 3 million alpacas in South America and they make up 90% of the worlds population with approx 35,000 in the UK and approx 300,000 in both USA and Australia. There are no known wild alpacas. 

The fur we use in our products is from South American animals that have died of natural causes. The animals are NOT farmed for their fur. We call it natural wastage. 

An alpaca can typically live for about 20 years and they are shorn (in a similar way to sheep) once a year so an animal can offer up to 20 fleeces in its lifetime but only has one skin. 

As a rule I would consider myself anti-fur but it just makes sense to use this by-product and support a country that still sees extreme poverty.

I have decided to wear my fur with a conscience.


Alpaca Fur Scarf Selfie   


Christmas Comedown and New Year January 14 2016, 0 Comments

So after the excitement and joy of Christmas we hit this funny time of year where we search for something to look forward to. At the risk of being engulfed by the January blues I find myself booking shows, business trips, days out, holidays and generally planning 2016 to a tee! 

As a result I am now really looking forward to the year for both business and personal reasons. 

It is my intention to get on top of this social media thing and writing regular (but not too often) blogs is one of my aims, so expect more form where this came from. I will be talking about products seasonally featured, shows that i have attended as a customer and as an exhibitor and other things that I think you might find interesting.


Watch this space