The Alpaca Wardrobe

Caroline Wardell created The Alpaca Wardrobe as a solo venture when she took over Concepts of Peru a knitwear business which she ran for over 10 years with her Mother Jenny Randall.  

The Alpaca Wardrobe continues to bring you beautiful knitted alpaca accessories designed in London and produced in Peru, providing work in some of the poorest areas and truly making a difference.

Native to the Andes in South America, the Alpaca has a hollow fibre that keeps them warm on cold nights and cool on warm days. The animals are sheared once a year and the fleece is processed in a similar way to wool. It is lanolin free and considered hypoallergenic. Once worn by Inca nobility and Queen Victoria herself it really is a superior fibre that we can now all enjoy.

Alpaca is a luxury fibre that is: 
- finer than cashmere 
- stronger than mohair 
- softer than cotton
- smoother than silk

We are proud to offer a personal service and customer satisfaction at affordable prices so everyone can have a little bit of luxury every day.